Thursday, May 9, 2013

Slow News Summary: Spring 2013

First slow news summary since February. Are you ready for all this link love?

On slow design, slow making, and slow home:

As expected, slowLab have relaunched their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Their end product will be the Slow Design Knowledge Platform (a web-based learning tool, community hub, and research incubator) - and their pledge rewards are absolutely the coolest. I've signed up for the collaborative Slow Design Reader and the ability to host a Slow Dialogue in my city (details to be announced soon!), but I'm also coveting the exquisite porcelain cups and wishing I had the cash to travel to their location and do an intensive workshop. Sigh. (BTW, if you were one of their supporters on Kickstarter, you should be aware that your credit card was never actually charged and that you need to repledge if you want to support them.) Oh, and if you happen to be in NYC for Design Week 2013, they're doing a brilliant HUMAN CHAIR project that you can participate in:

HUMAN CHAIR #slowhuman from slowLab on Vimeo.

On slow fashion:

On slow food:
On slow travel:
On slow living, slow parenting, slow money, and so forth:

On sustainability and environment:

The monarch butterflies are in trouble. Plant more milkweed! (If only the fix for the massive declines in honeybee populations was as simple to implement.)