Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monthly Slow News Summary: September 2011

On Slow Food:
Bethan Laura Wood's Stain ceramic cups are treated with a pattern
that is revealed with time and use as the material becomes tea-stained.
Not new (from 2007), but such a brilliant example of Slow Design that I had to share.
More recently she has used the slow design principles to create
handmade lace Confetti and a chandelier made of ice.
On Slow Design, Slow Home, and Eco Products:

Missoni's line of fashions and homewares for Target was introduced early this week
and has probably already sold out.
I wonder whether their legendary Italian-made quality was diluted for the mass market.
Someone do a proper analysis of whether those items are actually slow-fashion or fast-fashion, mmkay?
Artwork via Gabriela Romero on Pinterest - please let me know the artist if you recognize it!
On Slow Fashion:
On Slow Living:
Starting September 17th, an exhibit of Slow Tech concepts will be part of this year's London Design Festival.
via Protein.
On Slow Travel:
On Sustainability and Environment:

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