Sunday, February 5, 2012

Monthly Slow News Summary: February 2012

Come Up To My Room at Toronto's Gladstone Hotel reliably showcases some great examples of slow design
every year during IDS season. This year's standout was Fugitive Glue's Gaslight, upcycled from retired propane cylinders.
Also shown at IDS12 was Miles Keller's flatpacked plywood Alouette pendant lamp,
inspired by the design of Canada's first satellite. Gorgeous! Via
On Slow Design and Slow Home:
On Slow Fashion:
  • GOOD is starting an Ethical Style column.
  • Source4Style listed their top eight slow fashion pioneers. So inspirational.
  • Aussie blog The Vine followed up on a piece in the Melbourne Review on the trend toward 'Alternative Hedonism' in fashion. What is Alternative Hedonism? It's buying fewer, higher quality, longer-lasting, sustainable, artisan-made items. Gee, that sounds familiar. (The related term 'Hedonistic Sustainability' is being used by architects now. I like how indulgent it feels, but I don't think it'll fly in the bible belt.)
  • Kiwi style blogger Street and City Photos mused that it's time to get back to slow fashion.
  • Fashion United introduced a two-outfits-per-month slow fashion collection from the Netherlands, by Sanne Jansen. The designer's website is still under construction, but hopefully she'll clear up the misconception in the article that she invented slow fashion (dear bloggers: use a search engine before you hit publish).
  • TriplePundit noted that cheap fashion is created by cutting corners on labour conditions at Topshop, H&M, and Forever21, with a lot of links to more in-depth reads.
  • EcoSalon took a look at the pros and cons of H&M's Conscious Collection.
  • A board member of the Ethical Fashion Consultancy wrote an illuminating article for the Guardian on how the changes to supply chains caused by fast fashion have made sustainability more challenging for fashion retailers.
  • Eight years to make two beautiful, completely unwearable garments? Yes. Hmm.
  • Mending got a lot cuter with this roundup of patches from Green Thing.
  • This guy only owns 15 things, and looks like a pampered college kid in the middle of a gap-year backpacking trip across Europe. Wouldn't it be even more inspirational if he looked like a grownup with a job? There are a lots of guys out there with minimalist wardrobes who own a suit and a pair of khakis. I'd like to see what their list looks like.
  • Ecouterre showed us the "Carry-On Closet" capsule collection of multifunctional clothes from two London College of Fashion students, whose slow fashion label Antithesis will launch this fall.
  • Well Spent on why clothes cost what they do, in response to a somewhat misleading infographic from the fast-fashion world.
  • Slow Fashion Forward profiled Halifax's indie boutik collective, a group of five slow fashion designers who are sharing retail space.
On Slow Food:
On Slow Living:
On Slow Travel:
On Sustainability:

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