Monday, March 19, 2012

Monthly Slow News Summary: March 2012

Remember the modern version of kintsugi developed by artist Lotte Dekker for Platform 21's repair exhibit (photo via Ars Electonica's Flikr feed)?
She's selling kits now through her company 
humade, and there's a fab video on
Project Sugru also 
took a photo of the kit at a Makerfaire in the UK last year.
I wonder if the epoxy is food-safe, or if the repaired plates would be purely decorative?
On Slow Design and Slow Home:
  • Irene Turner has been exploring how 'Cultural Creatives' are creating trends in the housing world. (Sarah Susanka has blogged about this demographic's relationship to their homes, too.) The slow movement, a holistic approach to building design and decor that encourages collaboration between different disciplines, right-sizing, renovation, restoration, green building, and community-building are all trends Irene discussed. I think what we're seeing is that the core values of the slow movement are core values of Cultural Creatives: authenticity, community, ethics, and sustainability.
  • GreenBiz, reporting on a USGBC report, asks, are green buildings safer and more resilient than conventional construction?
  • I'm a big fan of Philips' new dimmable AmbientLED bulbs as the current best-in-class energy-efficient replacement for incandescent bulbs; I've tested one at home and the light it gives is gorgeous, with great colour rendition. However, Tea-Party-affiliated media are running with erroneous talking points and attacking it, Treehugger reports (with the correct energy usage and savings figures). Do you think Philips have a case to sue them?
On Slow Fashion:
On Slow Food:
  • Grain Barge in Bristol, UK are now doing Slow Food Dating events. What a thoughtful twist on speed dating, and a great way to promote slow food in a restaurant setting!
  • “Leaving the table is like leaving a lover. It should be slow." - A meditation on the importance of beautifully set table and other meal-time rituals in Italian culture from Peggy Markel has me renewing my resolution to get a great linen tablecloth and napkins for everyday use.
  • Ever tried eating your weeds? Sustainablog rounded up harvesting tips and 7 recipes for using dandelions.
  • Grist published an important piece on proposed and passed bills in several states that legalize the sale of home-made foods. Hey Canada, do we have cottage food bills yet? No? Let's get on it.
  • Here's a great piece from Slow Food Toronto's Voula Halliday on explaining Slow Food as an elevator pitch.
  • I'm struggling with a kid who doesn't like his food to touch his other food, and refuses almost anything with spice, so I so need to implement the advice in this fantastic article from Dina Rose: Food Culture and What It Means to be "Child-Friendly".  
  • EcoSalon have posted a list of 20 genetically modified foods currently or soon to be for sale. Fascinating reading, and relatively balanced, compared with many of the ridiculously alarmist scare stories I've seen recently. 
Droog used these clever bread boards to stimulate discussion of locavorism at their "Go Slow Cafe"
in New York in Sept 2009 - and the discussion is still ongoing thanks to Pinterest.
Photo by Raphael Brion via Eat Me Daily.
On Slow Living:
On Slow Travel:
On Sustainability:

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