Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three Things I've Learnt This Month

Six days 'til possession, and I have moving on my mind.

1. A great decluttering strategy. Anything you'd rather pile in the backyard and burn, than pack and move a few measly blocks? Donate it to charity, or throw it out. Be utterly ruthless. (Unfortunately this strategy cannot be applied to your young childrens' mountain of stuff without tears.) We're renting a dumpster from a local company who will take care of making sure anything that can be recycled does get recycled, and I've made a ridiculous number of trips to drop off bags of donations.

2. Green moving strategy: we're going to rent sturdy plastic moving boxes for a couple of weeks. FrogBox is the local option for this, they have franchises in many other North American cities, and their rates are very reasonable (as in, actually cheaper than buying cardboard we'd have to recycle after the move). We also have purchased a number of clear plastic bins that I'm labelling and using for longer-term storage.

3. Moving house would be much, much easier if I were a minimalist - but I'm not sure it would be any less stressful. When the experts say it's as big of an emotional upheaval as a divorce or a job loss, they really aren't kidding.

There's also some great advice in this post on moving from GOOD. We did, in the end, decide to hire movers instead of going the full DIY route, although we plan to use and reuse our rented boxes to move most of the little things before the movers arrive.

BTW, there will not be a monthly news summary for April - there will be an extra-big one in May instead. Meanwhile, as always, you can watch my Twitter feed for interesting tidbits from the vanguard of the slow movement.

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