Sunday, February 24, 2013

Slow News Summary: Mid-Winter Edition

Pssst: Keep it on the down-low, but I hope to have some exciting news to share soon about a slow design event that I'm planning. Meanwhile, check out all the slow goodness that's been popping up on the intertubes:

Calgarian Laura Cardwardine's brilliant Loom Chair was shown at the Prototype exhibit at IDS13 in Toronto last month. Via her page on Cargo Collective - follow the link to see a slideshow of how she designed & created it. 
On Slow Design, Slow Making, and Slow Home: 
On Slow Fashion:

Slow Fashion Forward have posted a wonderful set of simple guidelines to help consumers make more sustainable fashion choices.

On Slow Travel:
On Slow Food:
On Slow Living, Slow Parenting, and Slow Work:
On Sustainability and Environment:

Must reads from the past couple of months: The Atlantic on how food and climate are connected; Mother Jones on the enormous challenge of preventing polar bear extinction; and The Guardian on domestic spying at the behest of the conservative Canadian government on citizens who disagree with their environmental policies. 

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