Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monthly Slow News Summary

Once a month or so, I'll do a roundup of interesting Slow news stories and blog posts that have come across my radar. (They'll usually be ones that I've tweeted or have made their way into the Slow Weekly auto-newsletter in the sidebar, but those can be difficult to find weeks after the fact.) Here's what's cropped up since mid-December.

The New Year always brings a rash of trend reports, and apparently Slow Design is what's next:

On Slow Travel:
  • Slow Travel: The Next Trend? 
  • How To Go On A Volunteer Holiday

On Slow Architecture:

On Slow Fashion:

On Slow Food:

On Slow Living:

On Sustainability:
  • Oh dear. Problems with Long-Term Carbon Capture & Storage in Saskatchewan suggest it doesn't stay underground.
  • project of 1-line rebuttals to 136 arguments by climate deniers with science backup. 
  • notable new book: The New Normal: Agenda for Responsible Living - by David Wann ('Simple Prosperity') 

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