Saturday, July 20, 2013

Slow News Summary: the summery edition

There's so much great stuff to share from the past couple of months! Let's get right to it:

On slow design, slow making, and slow home:
On slow fashion:
I love this idea, via Nutfield Genealogy: an old family recipe, woodburned as it appears on the original recipe card, into a cutting board. 

On slow food:
On slow travel:
On slow living, slow parenting, slow money, and so forth:
  • In praise of slow tech - as in older technologies that force us to slow down, think harder, and focus our creative energy.
  • Another take on slow tech: high tech, but human-centred, following the slow food tenets of "good, clean, and fair". What an interesting alternative to the low-tech/handmade version of slow tech!
  • Scott Laningham on The Slow Fix, with an interview with Carl Honore
  • A review (en francais) of the gorgeous-looking SLO magazine.
  • Diane MacDonald on Slow Consulting.
  • Australia's Storyology talk slow journalism.
  • American friends, check out Slow Flowers to find florists who design using US-grown blooms. (Here's hoping they expand their reach to the rest of North America.) It's from Debra Prinzing, who literally wrote the book on local bouquets.
On sustainability and environment:

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